Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is finally here...

Photo by Diana Proemm
Would you believe it snowed last night in Jackson?
Well, I just want to catch you up on some recent photos and what I've been up to so, enjoy the ones here.

Highlights of my life these days are going to the Presbyterian preschool with Mom, riding the bus to Kids' Ranch at Teton Village with Dad, watching while Lucia goes to swim class with Dad, and my Dance class with Miss Stacey. But I also really like climbing, hiking and camping!

Here I am after a morning of hard bouldering with Dad:

I just read my first 'book' Peekaboo Kitty. I love to draw and color. I like stickers alot, and putting bling on my helmet. Making cookies is also a favorite activity.

I especially love my little sister, Lucia!